Seeing, hearing or sensing the presence of a deceased loved one is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, it is a perfectly normal and often helpful way of dealing with grief. Sensing a deceased spouse is remarkably common. Let me tell you something through an example. I had a friend and her name was Mariana. She had a boyfriend which she wanted to marry after some months. The boyfriend had a cancer which was making him die very soon. Her boyfriend knew he was dying but hid it, ending their relationship to try to spare her pain. After he died, Mariana heard his voice apologizing for pushing her away at the end. She had partly blamed herself for his death and felt guilty. Hearing his voice helped Mariana to forgive herself. Why don’t we hear more about these experiences? The obvious answer is that hallucinations are often stigmatized.

Death has become so distant that it terrifies first-world humans and the best we can do is learn to manage an overpowering sense of dread. When a relationship is ripped away from us through death, it takes the heart time to let go. Sensing someone’s presence even though they have died is totally normal. Oftentimes, this presence can be comforting. If that’s something you’ve experienced, it’s OK, and it’s even a good thing. Perhaps you haven’t noticed the ghostly trend, but dialog with the deceased is fast becoming a national obsession. Best-selling authors are writing about it, TV talk shows are discussing it, and research scientists are studying it. For those who have done their homework, it has become crystal clear that a supernatural world does indeed exist, and invisible entities are speaking from the other side.
Hearing voices that other people can’t is a meaningful experience. Like dreams, they can usually be understood in terms of one’s life experiences. I am one of those who have only heard voices once in their life (so far). The day after my friend died in a car accident, years ago, he spoke to me. I realized he had just come to say goodbye, and it didn’t matter whether he really was there or I was imagining it. There are countless historical examples of voices where the person hearing the voice is convinced they have meaning – Jesus and Joan of Arc among the most famous. Voices, like dreams, sometimes carry important messages about a problem that needs addressing, such as trauma earlier in one’s life.

People mostly agree about the fact that dead people in our dreams are a very important sign, which shouldn’t be ignored. Dreams about dead people talking to us are very common. Very often, we are not aware the person we are talking to or is talking to us in our dream is actually dead in reality. We often dream about our deceased loved ones, talking to us, when we need some support and guidance in our lives, which come through their words, spoken to us in our dream.