The subject of reincarnation has always created tremendous fascination and curiosity. Reincarnation eliminates the end from death, confirms the indestructible nature of the soul and gives a second chance.

Some philosophers have argued that birth is a single order production event and at the end of the term, all actions are cleared with acceptance. Approach is not only simple; it also shows birth as an accident. It fails to check the recurring idea of the picture of complexities, which is so diligently built by supreme power.

Hindu spiritualism considers reincarnation as a compelling device for the liberation of the soul by the bonds of karma. But within this school of ideas, there are different views. Advaita, however, points out that the supreme consciousness is pervading in the entire universe like an infinite sea and all innumerable manifestations arise like waves and drown within this temporal sea.

Describing these waves’ names, identities and titles and classifying them in some way is to discard confusion and ego. Therefore, there is no acceptance of birth or death in its progress towards the achievement of harmony with a single entity, soul or Brahma. Through the process of self-examination, to get the illusion of the past and to let the light shine, illuminate and explain. Know yourself and everything that is known is the main subject. Before considering another aspect, it may be instructive to reflect the germination of life. Organisms are born from certain biological sources under certain conditions. Life comes from life. All biological substances, which are in the nature of food, are endowed with life force, with the ability to create and reproduce.

How do the ants reach where the sugar is lying or kept? Do they have a radar? The little secret is that the sugar itself gives birth to an ant which eats it. Ants, perhaps, get their color from the amount of carbon in sugar. A piece of bread may decay with time, but it is the ancestor of the diversity of species. Birth, development, decay and rebirth are infinite series that keep nature in a state of balance. Upanishads have announced that consuming consumption is consumed in the process of consumption.

All living species are born from food and later become food for others. Rig Veda starts with this claim. How is the food produced? According to the naturalized Maharaj, friction between the air, water, fire and earth creates food in the space and the sense of consciousness is provided by the nature or the nature of the taste. The innumerable combinations of the three qualities give rise to a broad spectrum of living beings with clear distinctions of symptom, habits, personality, inequality and diversity. Reincarnation does not occur at any future date, but it is co-existing and instantaneous.