“Yes” I am a Gypsy Fortune Teller

I believe you have to do what you meant to do to get the best results. You need to do what makes you happy. I found my destiny as a Gypsy fortune teller a few years ago.
I was raised by a Romany Gypsy family. Yes, I had professional psychics in my family and many of my ancestors were famous readers. It is in our culture where it’s automatically assumed that every Gypsy child has the ability to be a psychic reader. My mother who is a reader says she knew when I was born that I would have the ability to become a “Reader”.

My mother usually never dreams but one night she had a nightmare, she saw my twin sister and I were sitting in the bathroom getting our hair shaved. I had a third eye on the back of my head which would close and ‘hide’ as she touched my head. She also noticed that I appeared to talk to the spirits. After sometime around the age of 9, I started using Tarot cards which were in my house.

Psychics usually think and see different from other people. To be honest, I always knew; I think probably because I had a twin sister to compare myself to, unlike most people.
I had a great aunt called Katrina. My aunt was a professional psychic. Her other sisters were readers, but Katrina was said to be an amazing reader by locals. She was the youngest to her siblings and she was still alive when I was younger up until I started doing the “Fortune readings”.

When I began using cards my aunt Katrina came to me. She sat in the living room. Silently I stood next to her, and I began to feel her looking at me. Suddenly, I became aware that she was reading my mind. It was not a general childhood fear; I could feel her looking deep inside of me. The weird thing about it, she was aware that I knew that she was reading me. She was just so powerful, I can remember how it felt. She both scared and excited me but I was amazed to know that she can read like me. I still remember when she finished, I stood there. She said to me if I want I can create an invisible wall to stop someone reading your mind

It was not very easy for me in the beginning because you read all of your seeker’s hopes, fears, and anxieties. It is more like a dream. You cannot explain this sense of feeling to someone who doesn’t have it. By using this sense you can also communicate with spirits. This sense allows you to know what Tarot card interpretation to use for each person. It is much more than “intuition”. It is more than sensing something but more like an experience
I was about 12 when my mother gifted me my first deck of my own and it was “The Jonathan Dee Tarot”. Then I started doing readings without pay. When other children were playing on the slides at parks, I was reading for people. I also learned to interpret dreams and the first person was my father. Actually, he was the first person who believed in my dream interpretation abilities.

I started carrying my cards everywhere. In my early teens (about 13 or 14) I bought so many books on astrology, dreams, Witchcraft, ancient civilizations and things related to that. Also, I was gifted my first crystal ball by my mother on my 14th birthday. Believe me, I read most of these books rather than the notebooks from school. I went to school then college and got some good qualifications; I choose social sciences because those subjects interested me. I decided not to plan a career as a reader but something ordinary such as a psychologist or anthropologist.

Straight after college, I decided to find a job with full of enthusiasm. Searching for a job was easy but getting it was a very difficult task. There was a meat factory near my town though it was an awful place with terrible working conditions I worked there for a few months.
It was like other people just went out and created their lives, and I just couldn’t move forward. Friends and relatives around me my were working away, buying houses, driving cars, getting married, starting families, going on holiday and living life. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong it was like there was some force in the universe holding me back. I had experience, qualifications, training, had volunteered for charities, had a professional CV created, went to open days and still got nowhere. It was humiliating when people asked me what I did for a living. The job centre was my second home and I could tell my advisors felt sorry for me. However, things were about to work in my favour.

One day, in 2014, I sensed a spirit in my room watching me, so I asked it for a sign, “I just need a sign as to know what to do in life”. The next day I was on my way to the job centre, and I realized I was early for my appointment. I decided to go to the library. I walked into my local library and browsed the books. One caught my eye: “An Angel Called My Name” by Theresa Cheung. Usually, I don’t read books by other psychics but I got that book along with about six history books and went home. I decided to read the book and found a story which was similar to my life, in fact, her life was even more depressing. Theresa was a psychic and she too had readers as relatives. Unlike me, Theresa decided to go to university then the same predicament I was in; struggling to get a job. Theresa found employment at a mind body spirit magazine. The lesson in the story was that she couldn’t get any job which she applied for because she wasn’t doing what it was she truly was meant to be doing.

Theresa’s story moved me so much. After reading it, I realized that I was meant to be a reader. I thought back to all the psychics who had predicted it, my mother’s dream, my aunt Katrina, my interests, my cards being my only faithful companion, just everything. I set up business as a fortune teller and I started getting booked all of the time, and everything just got better and better. In the end, what is for you never passes you. I am also thankful and grateful to God that she changed my life.

Angel Numbers Angels Communicate

Angel numbers are powerful tools that provide the guidance on our spiritual path, help to achieve spiritual goals. It even helps to create the life with the lifestyle you want to live. Angels communicate with the person in many different ways. In fact, they encourage more than anyone can realize. They love and appreciate more when a person acts on their wisdom. Angels are always on board and helpful with anything that is positive, loving or kind, or inspirational to yourself or others. Angel numbers are just one of the pathway through which the angels communicate. These pathways can be any form like audio, video, and friends etc to attract one’s attention.

Angel numbers are recurring numbers that repeatedly occur in anyone’s life. The frequent repetition of numbers represents the predicted angelic presence that’s trying to attain the attention. The reason to choose numbers than the other forms of communication as a dreamer can easily remember recurring numbers that reflect into his day to day life. The numbers can be important dates like birthday, anniversary, number plates, clock etc. These repeated numbers can inspire for a new dream job, business, love relation and many more. Once the angels get the attention, the communication gets intensified and the guideline has deeper effect. After a person’s confirmation for his link with the angels always feel supported, inspired, and deeply loved.

Holy guardians for transcendental prowess

Communicating with the holy guardians helps prognosticators to manifest their ability to foretell and hunch. This opens the portal to the spirit world and communication with various divine powers which helps to clarify the thought process. The clairvoyants experience a connection and reception of messages even while reading. Having a lots of responsibilities , guiding and assisting those who look forward to an intense proximity of communication added too. Archangels can be contacted by praying, meditating and also by clearly asking, there are times when there is no need to ask for, they are aware of it. Following archangels with different powers and importance are mentioned below-

Archangel Haniel – Also known as the “Grace of God”. Haniel works with the power of moon and sun. Haniel awares that everyone has the ability of intuitions and clairvoyance. One can invoke Haniel to have the guidance on enhancing the inkling potential.

Archangel Gabriel – Gabriel is usually projected as holding a trumpet which is considered to be a sign of communication. Anybody who needs clarity in delivering messages and wants to improve the fore telling abilities can call upon Gabriel. Gabriel is also famous with either “Hero of God” or “God is my Strength”.

Archangel Raziel – Also renowned as “Secret of God” , fulfils the knowledge of spirituality. Raziel beholds the secrets and the details of the universe. Raziel could be call upon to improve the psychic potential along with acquiring greater value of sentience.

Archangel Jeremiel – jeremiel brings the messages through extrasensory perception and usually sends divine messages through dreams. It improves the foretelling sentence. Jeremiel is also known as “Mercy of God”.

Archangel Michael – Known for eliminating the negativity and clearing the pathway for divine messages, controls the chakras and fills positivity, maintaining the balance. Secures from psychic threats also called as psychic vampires. Michael is also known as “He who is like god”.

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How conscious am I when I eat?

Eating is one of the three vital components of life, along with breathing and drinking. Unfortunately, we tend not to treat it as such.

We have lost the importance of eating. It has become something we do just to fill the space in our stomach. We need to remember, be aware of the fact that eating, especially what we eat, is one of the most important, and necessary things we can do for our body, our mind and our health.
Consider the value you place on food. Do you focus only on convenience and price? Or do you consider the quality and nutrition? Some people believe that “food is medicine.” If you were to view food the same way, would this change any of the purchases you make?

Being a conscious eater means that you think about the foods you eat and how they will affect your health. It means stopping and taking a minute to either plan what you are going to eat, or at least ponder what is in your hand at the time and consider if what you are going to eat will benefit you. You don’t have to make the perfect choice every time (it’s OK to have a slice of birthday cake), but become more aware of the choices you make.

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The Mystic Art Of Reading A Crystal Ball

When most people hear the word “fortune-telling”, they automatically visualize a bedazzled Gypsy or perhaps these days phone-mediums such the widely famous and appreciated Irish psychics at livepsychic.ie (a stellar phone service where the very best mediums in all of Europe can be found) crone rubbing over a crystal ball. Before the crystal ball, ancient wise people used bowls of water, glass, and shiny metal to divine mystic symbols. It is called the art of scrying.

While many gifted psychics still use crystal balls, it is important to realize that the ball has no magical powers that will tell people’s futures. Like tarot cards, it is only a tool that helps the psychic get in tune to spiritual vibrations.

What Is The Purpose Of The Crystal Ball?

In old Hollywood movies (think about the Wicked Witch of the West), crystal balls were like small video cameras that showed people and actual events. You may remember the iconic love fortune: “I see you falling in love with a dark-haired stranger”.

Crystal balls just do not work like that. They are not mystical cell phones that send texts and pictures from the future.
In fact, there is no crystal ball on earth that can tell your future. It is even a misnomer to call a psychic a fortune teller. Then why are crystal balls such an important tool in the psychic toolbox?

The crystal ball acts as a point of concentration for psychics. When they gaze into the depths of the crystal, it opens their spiritual eyes to see things projected from the subconscious. The crystal ball does not project images. The symbols and other messages appear in the eyes of the psychics’ minds.

Should I Try A Crystal Ball?

If you are looking for a divination tool, then a crystal ball would be an excellent choice. Just remember that some people may not have the certain gift to connect to the crystal’s imagery. Some seekers do better with runes or tarot cards. To try your hand at crystal ball gazing, consider these helpful hints:

Choosing The Right Crystal Ball

Choosing the right tool for divination requires respect and intuition. Do not just run into an occult shop and buy the first crystal you see. When you have chosen the right crystal, it will speak to your spirit and will just “feel right” in your hands.

There are different sizes and grades of crystal balls. Most novelty styles are made of glass or lead crystal. Glass ones are the cheapest, while you will pay a little more for the lead crystal. Many top-shelf crystals are made of natural quartz, and will command top dollar. Even though lots of psychics prefer the classic quartz, crystals of beryl, amethyst, selenite, and even obsidian have been used over the centuries. Antique crystal balls with rich provenances can cost thousands of dollars.

You are not on a spiritual journey to run yourself into bankruptcy. Find the right crystal ball for you that is within your budget. A gifted psychic can have sessions with a glass ball just as well as with a vintage quartz one.

For comfortable and accurate gazing, try to find a crystal that is at least four to five inches in diameter. Smaller ones may have charged energy, but they just do not work as well for your purposes.

How To Cleanse A Crystal Ball

A doctor would not use instruments before they are sterilized. Neither should a psychic use any divination tool without a proper spiritual cleansing. First, give your crystal ball a physical cleaning with some mild soap and some warm (never hot) water. Rub it dry gently with a clean, soft cloth. Never use commercial glass cleaners on your crystal. It can ruin genuine stone. Some practitioners will only use holy water to cleanse their crystal. The choice is up to you!

Crystal is a natural element that can keep residual energy—be it positive or negative. To wipe your crystal clean of this energy, burn a stick of sage around it and ask your spiritual guides and angels for perfect cleansing. This is an ancient cleansing ritual known as smudging. If you do not want to do smudging, a cleansing prayer will do just as well. Just like any tools of the trade, your crystal ball should be cleansed every time you use it.

Caring For Your Crystal Ball

Divination tools are personal and connect with their owners on a spiritual level. You should be the only person who touches your crystal ball. If it picks up energy and spiritual thoughts from someone else, your readings may be skewed. It may lose its spiritual charge and intimate connection with you. It is not necessary to be rude or weird about it. Just tell people for whom you are reading that it is like a toothbrush—only one owner. When you explain the consequences, reasonable people will understand.

Movies show crystal balls sitting on stands in the middle of the table, like a permanent fixture. You do not want your crystal picking up every stray and negative energy that passes. Gently wrap your crystal ball in a piece of soft, dark cloth and store it in a special box that is out of the light and is safe from the touches of others.

How To Charge Your Crystal Ball

All divination tools need spiritual charging before using them. It is like plugging in your cell phone to recharge the battery. Traditionally, crystal balls are charged in the light of a full moon. It should be put out every night afterward for three days. A monthly charging should keep it spiritually in tune. Never place use your crystal in direct sunlight. The sun’s lights weaken its spiritual magnetism. It should always be stored in a cool, dry, dark place.

How To Use Your Crystal Ball

These are just some classical suggestions for you to try. You are your own practitioner and can develop a way that suits you best:

• Find a space that is open and free of technological disturbances. If you wish, create a spiritual ambiance with candles and incense. Some practitioners enjoy soft music in the background; however, you may find this as a distraction. You can focus better on the crystal ball if you scry by candle light.

• After you have performed your chosen cleansing ritual, place your crystal ball on a dark cushion or soft cloth that is dedicated for that purpose. Be careful that you are working on a level surface, so the ball does not go rolling off the table.

• Say your chosen prayer or ritual of protection to your spiritual guides and angels. Ask them to join you as you seek deeper spiritual wisdom. Plead for their protection against negative energy and ask them to fill the room with light and love.

• Allow yourself to go into a deep state of meditation. Let your whole body and mind relax as your spiritual eyes open.

• Gently pick up the crystal ball and hold it in your hands. Visualize your questions and purpose for this ceremony. You can talk to the ball out loud, if you want.

• Put the crystal back on the table and let your eyes relax as you concentrate into the depths of the sphere. Your eyes may go in and out of focus as you go deeper into the spiritual realm

• You may see the crystal misting over a bit, and then gradually clearing again. Just relax your eyes and allow symbols and images to appear in your mind. Remember, the crystal ball’s main purpose is to focus your eyes inwardly. It is not a Magic 8 ball that will give you a message in its core. Do not be discouraged if you see nothing at first. Give yourself time and practice a lot.

How Do I Interpret The Things I See Or Feel

You will only see the images that you need. Once the spiritual vortex closes, they will fade and the ball will mist over again, and finally turn clear. Allow yourself some time to contemplate what you have seen and reconnect with the earthly realm. Thank the crystal for its messages, and thank your spirit guides and angels for their attendance. You can put the ball away in its safe storage.

Afterward, sit down in a quiet place and mentally review some of the symbols or impressions that formed in your mind. It may be helpful to write them in a journal or make drawings of some of the symbols. As a psychic, it is up to you to intuit the meaning of the information you received. Scenes may be symbolic and not have a literal meaning. Your gift will help you interpret the information you need.

When you feel more confident with your mystic skills, you may work with others. Just remember that you are ethically bound to tell them that no one can “predict” their future. Divination tools such as the crystal ball only suggest paths and urge us to use our own intuition to fulfill our life. The more you practice with your crystal ball, the better you will feel about using it in your sacred collection of divination tools

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Psychic And Clairvoyant For Angel Reading

An online Psychic and Clairvoyant can provide you with a life changing experience by learning some of your fate and what’s in store for you in the future. They can also provide vital answers to some of the questions that have been bothering you for long. However, you have to understand how to use their services properly online if you want to take full advantage of the benefits they can offer instead of ending up wasting both your time and money.


Speaking to your spirit

If you have had a session with Psychics and Clairvoyants, then you know that they can speak to your spirit guides and pass on messages from your subconscious mind that you aren’t even aware of. Today, Angel readings are made available online ( personal face-to-face/phone sessions are also available by appointment) and they also provide the same procedure, but the only difference is that you are not in the same room with the psychic or medium. Although this may sound intriguing for you, the truth is that they can give you a lot of answers to any of your life’s question. If you are interested in angel reading, you can contact a psychic or clairvoyant that specializes in this kind of practice. There are different types of mediums including those dealing with tarot cards, crystal balls, and another related field of psychic practice.

You have to understand that although tarot reading and angel reading uses a psychic to interpret and mediate for the client; these two psychic practices are different in nature. Maxtempo.se offers angel reading that focuses on angel messages and help deliver the intuitive guidance from these spiritual beings in the form of Angel readings. For some people, this divination method is very empowering because it helps other people to look carefully into their life’s issues with a touch of empathy and positive perspective so they can at least try to make some productive and positive changes regardless of the challenges that may present along the way.
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Angel reading

During an angel reading session, the psychic angel therapy practitioner will receive healing and encourage messages from the person’s appointed angels or spirit guide. The psychic will serve as the vessel to impart the messages, and they can also ask questions related to their health, current relationships, financial conditions, and their life’s purpose among many others. During your psychic session, you will have the opportunity to obtain divine guidance from various positive energies that surround you which include but not limited to your Higher Self or Ascended Masters. This is a great opportunity to come into contact with the divine and get a sneak preview of your purpose in life.


More than seeing into the future a psychic and clairvoyant angel therapy practitioner can help you face various life’s issues you may be having at present and conquer your fears about life’s uncertainties. Practical and reliable psychics can help you get over negative experiences and renew your hope to live while helping you build your trust and belief to the divine power that surrounds us. There are several spiritual coaches that can give you guidance, and this is one opportunity you should not let pass. Please check out the irish psychic medium site www.LivePsychics.ie, they’ve got some of the best fortune tellers and mediums available.


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The Best Online Tarot Reading Session For You.

Get an Online Tarot Reading Session.

It is said that we were born with a destiny that was pre-written. Such beliefs lead to studying individual arts of divination where one’s past, future and present are told, and solutions are suggested to correct any trouble that a person might be facing in life. These arts are practised by the clairvoyants who have attained insight into how things work astrologically and mystically. Tarot reading, astrology, numerology, palmistry, distance healing are some of the divination forms that tell us about what is unknown to us. Among all these arts, tarot reading is fast gaining popularity due to its mystical accuracy and the kind of connection it successfully established with the person whose cards are being read.

Tarot reading signifies the various facets of our life. It is a method to delve into one’s past present and future. Through a tarot reading, a person is told exactly what his mind has been pre-occupied with, what are his various concerns and he is also given answers and solutions to the different questions buzzing in his mind. A tarot reading can be conducted by a tarot card reader who has attained a kind of divinity and therefore can accurately account all the needful information through tarot reading; although, if you find this mystical art excellent, you can give learning a try.


Which Is The Best Way To Get A Tarot Reading.

Tarot symbols are the essential elements of divination through the use of tarot cards. The conscious quickly recognizes alphanumeric characters but the subconscious only recognizes symbols. The symbols combine to help the diviner interpret the hidden answers to the question of the seeker. The symbols used on tarot cards are usually based on the images found on the Rider-Waite tarot card deck. A variety of card decks with different images is available. This is because tarot cards throw up meanings through images to which a seeker can relate. Divination through tarot cards is not only image based. Tarot cards have numbers and colors, which also symbolize hidden meanings.


While it is always best to have a psychic tarot reading done in person, these readings can be done by telephone, email or even in Internet chat rooms. The seeker may be asked for his full name and date of birth, which is the most common information requested by a psychic tarot card reader. Many readers ask for a personal object from the person to be read in order to get part of their “aura“. There is no regulation so a seeker needs to rely on trust, and judgement. A medium can also help you and give you spiritual guidance.

Once the door to the Akashic Record has been opened by the agreement between the seeker and the reader, a wealth of information is available. Tarot cards help to focus on the most vital piece of information about the applicant’s past, present and future so that he may plainly see the influences affecting his life. Remember that tarot reading is subject to personal interpretation from the reader.

Accuracy notwithstanding, a psychic tarot card reading is not engraved in stone. While it will provide a relatively clear picture of the future, it is the future the seeker is co-creating. It is possible for the applicant to alter his future by changing his preferences, outlook and actions. There can be error and a psychic’s reading may not always be entirely accurate. Also, conditions often change, so the text can evolve over time as well.

Face to face tarot readings are interactive in a sense that the reader allows the person to determine which face down card is interpreted by the reader. Face to face readings are commonly found in the streets of many different places in the English-speaking world. While many times, you can get someone to read in your home, it is more common practice to go to the reader and be read. Purists tend to believe that face to face is the best method for readings, as they are more personal that way.



The analysis of Free Tarot Reading.

Tarot Reading is one of the favorite modes of future assessment. It is an important part of the mysterious world. Also, the origin of this word is a mystery. Tarot is not just word, but it is all about your future and life. Most of the people believe that it originated from the word Tarochi, which was related to the Minor Arkana cards. On the other hand, some people believe that it originated from Tarot cross the line which looks behind the cards. Angel cards are also popular for the spirituell minded person.

Apart from this, you can find total 78 cards in a Tarot deck, which is divided into two parts as Major and Minor Arkana. The word Arkana is derived from the Latin word Arkansas that signifies the teachings of mystical secrets of personal development. On the other side, Major Arkana is one of the favorite subjects of secret science students. Alternativ Senter in Denmark are experts when it comes to spiritual readings.