Horoscopes, Astrology, Psychic Reading

If you are new to these terms then it is very much necessary to know the difference between them because at the first sight it looks very similar.

A horoscope is the monthly forecasts for each sign that you find in newspapers and magazines. This is where the misconception that astrology is only about prediction and the sun signs. It’s not. Horoscopes are just one aspect of Astrology. Astrology is much more than that.

Astrology is the study of the planets, asteroids, and other celestial bodies’ interaction with humanity/nature. It combines mythology, history, psychology, astronomy, geometry, and another shite. There are so many things to consider. There are different types of astrology Western, Vedic/Indian, Chinese astrology. There are also different branches of astrology such as Mundane, Horary, Natal, and Electionary/Event astrology. Evolutionary is more of a newer branch and it combines astrology and psychology. Astrology is a bit more professional out the other categories.

Psychic Reading is not really in the realm of astrology. It’s more of metaphysics and it’s its own separate thing. Even so, a lot of astrologers do metaphysical work (palm reading, psychic reading, Healing, Energy work, Tarot reading, Numerology, and Crystal work, etc.). Psychic reading has a strong association with astrology and contributes to the misconception that astrology is only about prediction (which is bullcrap). This is more spiritual and hippy/dippy than the other categories I listed and it requires belief and faith.

To add one more topic, the occult and esoteric similar to metaphysics but its a bit more taboo. It involves researching hidden knowledge and topics. Such as Astro-projection, Alchemy, Akashic Records, Atlantis/ Humanity’s origins, Kundalini, Sex Magick, Alternative Spirituality and Religions (such as Voodoo, Kabbalah), exploring different dimensions, Conspiracy theories, etc.). This is some next level shit and it’s not for the faint heart (such as dealing with other world beings). If you are a thrill seeker and want to uncover the hidden truths of the world, then this is for you.

One last thing, Astrology is different from the rest because it’s a bit nerdier, uptight, and tame and it can definitely be a gateway to other metaphysics topics and the occult. Astrology relies on ancient teachings and knowledge passed down (like some of the other things mentioned) but it’s a bit more traditional and tame compared to the others. BTW for the politically correct ass hats out there, this is not a bad thing or disrespect to the other categories. Whatever the case if you do want to delve into it, it’s going to be a lot of reading.

How astrology can further your career

Five Important Lessons I Learned From Working As A Psychic Medium Specializing In the Dead



Astrology holds many different paths and life coaching choices. I spent some time as a psychic medium and life coach. I worked in the field of connecting the living with their deceased relatives. Dealing with dead people can be rather tricky, particularly, when the dead person has some unfinished business. There is an old saying that we can learn the lessons we need to learn from those who have come before us. Sometimes this is not always a possibility. Part of my life coaching business was teaching my clients how to interact with the spirits they communicate with. The other part was imparting wisdom to those who needed it the most.

An Example

My client Kelly wanted to get in touch with her dead uncle. Her dead uncle did not want to talk to her. He made this clear to me when I tried to get in touch with him. Apparently, Kelly had done something wrong in her uncle’s book. She never apologized it. He went to his grave with ill will towards her. Kelly wanted to make things right, but, by then, it was too late. The damage had already been done and her uncle was left hurt by her actions.

Astrology and karma work together. Kelly had to learn that her mistake cost her the trust she had with her uncle. If she wanted to win the trust back, she had to work on her karma. Kelly had to learn from her lessons.

Lessons I Tried To Teach My Clients Through My Work As A Life Coach and Medium


1) Everything we come in contact with has energy. The energy can be both positive and negative. If I come in contact with a person who is giving off bad vibes, there is a reason. The person I am coming in contact with is bad news. If I try to connect with someone from the afterlife and there is a cold chill, the person is bad news. I taught my clients that the energy we connect with serves as a teaching moment. The energy is meant to help us and warn us.

2) I protect myself every day, though I do not practice officially anymore. We need to protect ourselves from perceived and actual harm. I meditate. I also use protective crystals. I urge my clients to do the same.

3) I have had to educate people about ghosts. Ghosts are rare, but they do happen. If you see a ghost, there is usually a reason. A ghost might appear to tell us something. A ghost will appear to warn us about something we might not know about. A ghost did that to me over 10 years ago. A ghost of one of my long-lost relatives showed up when I need her the most. I tell my clients to not be scared. The ghosts you see are not meant to harm you, sometimes they are looking to help.

4) I learned that death will give you a new perspective on life. I have died a few times in my own life, only to come back completely renewed.
Death gives you a new perspective on things. I came back renewed. Where do you think the term “spiritual awakening” comes from? I tried to teach my clients that they need to be present in the moment. A spiritual awakening can happen at any time and to anyone.