Hello, and most welcome to MaximumGoo74 the site that (tries to) bring you interesting spiritual articles and report on exciting events that somehow relates to the spirit world, on a regular (the coverage that is not the events). Our aim is to be the best source to spiritual and paranormal on the web. A wide claim we know, but someone’s got to.  We will regularly post articles on spiritual practices and guides to esoteric practices and techniques.  If you want to learn more about meditation, tarot cards, how to read a crystal ball or how to read people or how to create an energy field, you’ve come to the right place.

Maximumgoo 74 is run by:

Jonathan Arees-Lansmann

a chemical engineer and a former professional medium and house-cleanser. Jonathan has his roots in eastern Moldova and first learn about the mystic art and spiritual practices by this gypsy neighbors while groving up in his native town of Chișinău.

Adriana Szeltic,

an author of several books on personal development and Yoga. Adriana has harbored an interest in the paranormal since early childhood and is a dedicated student of Eastern mythology and Ayurveda.